Weekly Update, June 3

Parent Guild and FCMA 10 Year Anniversary Items needed for Craft Potluck 

Do you have craft items awaiting creativity? If so, please consider donating them to the craft potluck where students can create something from your surplus of craft items.  Corks, tacky glue, sequins, acrylic paint, stencils, cardstock, stickers, etc. Collection bin will be located inside the main Herbert St. entrance starting June 1st.

Parent Guild is gearing up for Field Day Around the World!

Monday, June 17th At Rosie’s Park
Pre-K, Early El, Lower El: 9-11am

Lunch 11-noon all families are welcome to bring their own lunch and picnic with their students.

Upper El, MS: Noon- 2pm

Kickball game: 8th graders vs. staff 2:15pm

Popsicles will be served during the kickball game

Stay tuned for a sign-up genius to help facilitate morning and afternoon stations and request some equipment.

Bagel Sale Update: 

Dear upcoming 7th and 8th grade returning families,
Part of the Middle School curriculum includes fundraising to supplement Class Field trips to Washington D.C., Chicago, camp and other events.  Yearlong bagel sales provide an opportunity for students to serve community hours and raise money.We are looking for a couple more parents who can supervise Friday morning bagel sales. The time commitment is from 7:30-8:10am.  The students run the sales, but it is always helpful to have one or two adults on-hand to support them.  The adults will need to count money and leave it in the office. We are asking for help so that new families can be ‘trained’ before the end of the school year. Please contact Mr. Darin if you are interested in continuing this MS tradition. 
Friday Bagel sales will continue through Friday June 7th. As a token of appreciation for your continued support, bagels will be 75 cents on June 7th! Please remember there is a pre-sale option to have bagels on-hand through your weekend!  Forms are outside the office or here.Bagelorderform

Please welcome our new team to lead the Parent Guild!

Megan Modica and Cemone Moy will co-Lead the Parent Guild.  Christi Cook is our finance liaison. Leesa Elkins and Andrea Hicks are in charge of passive and active fundraising.  Angela Holmes will be joining Jennifer Bartleman to lead the Native Garden and Habitat.  Marie Lang and Andrea Jarvis have teamed up to continue Michigan Green School efforts.  Angela Dagle will continue maintaining the website.  Nicole Massie is continuing her roll as the Lead Classroom Liaison.  Parent Guild is always looking to build teams within these focus groups, either year-round or for specific events.  Please check out our website for more info.  We will be updating it shortly.

Weekly Update – April 29

Thank you to everyone who donated to PlanetAid, Electronics recycling, Planet Green recycling! 

Did you know Planet Aid bins are located in the gym corridor for year-round collection of worn shoes, sheets, clothing. Please consider these bins before discarding your textiles. 

Did you know Colorcycle is our newest recycling initiative? Markers, highlighters, or dry erase markers can be placed in the marker collection inside the main Herbert street entrance doors.

Thank you to our Green Team, Marie Lang and Andrea Jarvis for organizing these events and to everyone who helped clean-up Belle Isle!

Parent Guild is host a seedling planting after school at FCMA Thursday, May 2 3:30-4:30pm.  Donations in kind appreciated to support FCMA Native Garden and Habitat.  Potting soil and seeds provided. Please bring your own flower pot; limited quantities will available on-hand.

Parent Guild is starting their Endangered Species Sponsorship Campaign May 1st!  Each classroom has a container to collect your loose change. Proceeds go towards supporting the chosen Endangered Species, which will be voted upon by the students and staff on Endangered Species Day May 17th!  This year we will bring awareness to Asian Endangered Species- be on the lookout for posters highlighting these fascinating species.  Check your car, couch and backpacks! Bring in your loose change!

Four Corners Montessori Academy has been approved for Michigan Green School certification!  Thank you in supporting our efforts in recycling, reducing energy consumption, supporting environmental protection. 

Our Native Garden and Habitat and The Serviceberry Tree will be blooming soon! Please be mindful of where the buds are coming through. We ask that you stay on the path, off the mulch, and leave the buds and branches to grow freely. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Weekly Update – December 10

A huge thank you to everyone who made the Candy Cane Shoppe a big success:

Cemone Moy, Vida Markle, Megan Modica : co-chairs and for for their vision of adding handmade items to the Shoppe, countless volunteers who donated wrapping supplies, and wrapped gifts throughout the week, Dawn and her cricut expertise that allowed the Parent Guild to offer personalized ornaments. Thank you to the Fig room staff who generously donated their space for the Shoppe.  The Parent Guild is grateful for our creative community.  There were candles, scarves, crocheted items, jewelry, bath items, wands, ornaments, as well as many different items we were able to offer!  Thank you also for your donations to our 3 charity partners.  We will be donating $50 to Make-A-Wish Michigan, $140 to Heifer International, and $50 to the Detroit Zoo!
The Parent Guild wishes you a festive and peaceful holiday season.  We are so thankful for your time, patience and support during all our events!  Have a joyous New Year!
We have more events in store for 2019, please keep checking back for more information.  Our next meeting will be in January 2019.

Candy Cane Shoppe Shoppe – Opens next week!

The Candy Cane Shoppe offers FCMA students an opportunity to purchase reasonably-priced holiday gifts to surprise family & friends. Each class will have a designated time to shop during the week of the sale. Gifts purchased will be wrapped and labeled and sent home with your child the day they buy them. Simply make a list of people your child wants to shop for, along with the amount to spend, and send in cash or check (payable to Parent Guild) with your child on their designated shopping day to pay for their purchases.  Shopping dates will be Monday afternoon 12/3- Friday 12/7. The Shoppe is closed during lunch and dismissal time. Click here to view this year’s schedule. 

New this year:

The Parent Guild has added a ‘donation in kind’ element.  Students will have the opportunity to make a donation to a charity in someone’s name.  If students choose to make a donation, they will receive a postcard to present to the recipient stating, ‘A donation was made in your honor to: _______(Charity Name).The charities the Parent Guild chose are:

  1. Most of the shop’s inventory this year comes from donation and crafts from the FCMA community. Expect to see unique gift items.
  2. Personalized ornaments will be offered! For a small additional fee, students can have ornaments personalized at the time of purchase to include a (sur)name and the year.
  3. We will also continue sticking fair trade craft items.

Please note that a blank shopping list and envelope for bringing in money to spend in the Candy Cane Shoppe will be sent home in your child’s Friday folder. There will be volunteers to help the little ones with the whole process!  Please visit the following Parent Guild website to view the shopping schedule for each classroom: fcmaparentguild.com

If you would like to volunteer or donate items to the Candy Cane Shoppe, sign up here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0c44aeae2eaafc1-2018

Thank you for your support in this Annual event!


Candy Cane Shoppe Workshop

Candy Cane Shoppe Workshop

Welcoming all crafters- kids, adults, friends! Bring a craft to make or bring supplies: Glue guns, corks, cardstock, yarn, nail polish, markers, empty boxes or bins to store finished items, etc.
Citric acid, epsom salt, cornstarch, ice cube trays (bath bomb craft); solid-colored tee-shirts (scarf craft); thick round magnets (bottle cap magnet craft)
Cannot attend? No worries, the next one will be Thursday, November 29th in the evening. Location to be determined.

November Parent Guild Meeting Minutes

Please read the minutes (linked here) from our latest meeting.  We are gearing up for the Candy Cane Shoppe!  There is a sign-up genius to attend workshops or to donate crafty items to stock the Shoppe.  Be on the look out for a volunteer & wrapping donations sign-up in the next couple weeks.  Classroom shopping schedules have not been determined yet.  Stay tuned!

The Parent-Teacher potluck sign-up is also included.

Updates | Week of November 12

Toyology Shopping Kickback Day

Toyology is hosting a ONE DAY ONLY Holiday Shopping Kickback Day where they have bumped up your kickback an additional 5% to 25% earned instore cred when you mention your school’s name at checkout. This special holiday shopping day is Friday, November 16th at all four Toyology Toys locations. The kickback program cannot be combined with other coupons or sale items.

See flyer here.



**Calling All Crafters & Artists**

FCMA’s Annual Candy Shoppe is scheduled for 12/4-12/7 during school hours.  This event gives the students an opportunity to shop for small gifts for their families.

This year, we are seeking donations from our FCMA community (and extended friends) for items to sell in the shoppe. We would also like to host a few Candy Cane “workshops”, where parent volunteers can help make a few simple crafts to sell (dates TBD).

Example Craft ideas: refrigerator magnets, DIY infinity scarfs, candle holders, snow globes, crotched items, ornaments, jewelry, picture frames, etc.

If you or someone you know would like to be a part of this awesome event, can donate items or have a simple craft we can gather volunteers to help make, please let us know.

Cemone Moy: lcemonemoy@gmail.com
Vida Markle: vidaofthestraights@gmail.com
Megan Modica aunt2bak@yahoo.com
Co-Chairs Candy Cane Shoppe

The sign-up here is to express interest in helping to stock the shop or ideas of crafts we could make during ‘workshops’.  Alternatively, you may reach out to the above emails to express interest in helping out with the event.