Weekly Update – April 29

Thank you to everyone who donated to PlanetAid, Electronics recycling, Planet Green recycling! 

Did you know Planet Aid bins are located in the gym corridor for year-round collection of worn shoes, sheets, clothing. Please consider these bins before discarding your textiles. 

Did you know Colorcycle is our newest recycling initiative? Markers, highlighters, or dry erase markers can be placed in the marker collection inside the main Herbert street entrance doors.

Thank you to our Green Team, Marie Lang and Andrea Jarvis for organizing these events and to everyone who helped clean-up Belle Isle!

Parent Guild is host a seedling planting after school at FCMA Thursday, May 2 3:30-4:30pm.  Donations in kind appreciated to support FCMA Native Garden and Habitat.  Potting soil and seeds provided. Please bring your own flower pot; limited quantities will available on-hand.

Parent Guild is starting their Endangered Species Sponsorship Campaign May 1st!  Each classroom has a container to collect your loose change. Proceeds go towards supporting the chosen Endangered Species, which will be voted upon by the students and staff on Endangered Species Day May 17th!  This year we will bring awareness to Asian Endangered Species- be on the lookout for posters highlighting these fascinating species.  Check your car, couch and backpacks! Bring in your loose change!

Four Corners Montessori Academy has been approved for Michigan Green School certification!  Thank you in supporting our efforts in recycling, reducing energy consumption, supporting environmental protection. 

Our Native Garden and Habitat and The Serviceberry Tree will be blooming soon! Please be mindful of where the buds are coming through. We ask that you stay on the path, off the mulch, and leave the buds and branches to grow freely. Thank you for your continued cooperation.