Recycling at FCMA is 100% volunteer driven!

With more students than ever, we are now looking for volunteers to help pick up recycling three times a week. Times are flexible and the process is simple. Recycle bins are located in the stairwells (up and down) and in the office copy room. Teachers and students bring everything from the classrooms to these bins.

What recycling volunteers do…

  • Empty the paper into the “Paper Retriever” Dumpster in the back parking lot. Please make sure there is no cardboard and reuse the plastic bag, if possible.
  • Container and paperboard/cardboard recycling can be recycled at your curbside or any local recycling center.
  • Consolidate items from all bins to reuse plastic bags, if possible.
  • Replace bags in bins as needed. Additional bags can be found at the bottom of each recycle bin.
  • If bags run out, please ask the office for assistance and email Courtney at

Recycling is a valuable practice for our children to learn as good stewards of our planet and is an important part of our Michigan Green School Certification. Whether it’s one day each month or just one day, your help is important and greatly appreciated!

Sign Up HERE to Volunteer with Recycling!