Attendees: Leesa Elkins, Megan Modica, Sarah Hunter, Brett Bayliss, David Hines, Jr. , Angela Ficorelli. Meeting held virtually via Google Meet due to extreme cold weather.

  • Spirit Wear (Fun Run T-Shirt/Hoodie sales)
    1. Money spent on spirit wear: $2,149.41
    2. Money brought In from spirit wear sales: $2,358.00
    3. Total money made from spirit wear sales: $208.59
    4. We still have 1 youth hoodie left.
    5. We also have 34 youth and 44 adult sizes left In t-shirts left.
  • Skate Night Shirts
    1. Money spent on Skate Night shirts: $722.11
    2. Money brought In from sales of Skate Night shirts: $921.31
    3. Total money made from Skate Night shirt sales: $199.20
    4. We still have 13 youth and 6 adult sizes left.
  • Dine to Donate
    1. Olga’s
      1. $87.58
    2. Panda Express
      1. $185.40
    3. Honey Baked Ham Fundraiser
      1. $45.00
    4. McDonald’s
      1. Not yet available
    5. David Hines to lock down Royal Oak Brewery or DiBella’s for March, most likely on 3/6.
  • Mitten Market
    1. Money spent on Mitten Market: $3,049.99
    2. Money brought In from Mitten Market sales: $5,867.27
    3. Total money made from Mitten Market: $2,817.2
  • Parent Teacher Conference Luncheon was a hit with the teachers.
    1. Asked for $2 donation from parents.
      1. Received a total of $628.00 from parent donations.
      2. Luncheon total was $792.92
      3. Money out of PG funds spent: $164.92
    2. Next one Is In March. Board agree to do the same but maybe with DiBella’s,
  • Mother’s Day Flowers wioth English Gardens – David to lock down.
  • Uniform sale during next community dinner. Will do Google Form for pizza.
  • Next Skate Night will be regular prices
  • Seedlings Party Favors for Earth Day for Spring Dance
  • Black Light ideas for Spring Dance. Tina volunteers to chair and enlist her husband’s help.
  • Parent Guild newsletter will have a template. Angela will test it with PG Leads and determine a launch date.
  • Green School Banner $40. Parent Guild approved purchase.