The FCMA Parent Guild is a parent-led, non-profit volunteer organization that supports our school and teaching staff in a variety of ways; classroom support, teacher communication and appreciation, fundraising, community building and school-wide special events.

What does the Parent Guild do?

We help FCMA Staff by:
  • Organizing community fundraising events and programs
  • Planning and funding teacher appreciation gifts, support, and activities
  • Planning and facilitating activities to maintain their Green School Certification
  • Help teachers keep parents informed with classroom events and activities
We help FCMA Families by
  • Organizing social activities for parents and families
  • Planning student events like school dances
  • Making it easy for parents to be informed and involved with community events

Parent Guild Services & Support

Classroom and Grade Band Liasons

Classroom Liasons

Classroom liaisons communicate through email upcoming Parent Guild events, specific classroom events and requests. Expect to see emails in your inbox every couple weeks. Thank you for your time and keeping FCMA families updated!


Grade Band Liasons

FCMA uses Grade Bands to group students by grade. The PG has assigned a seasoned parent(s) to help organize community gatherings for that grade band and also to help answer questions for new parents. 

Here is a helpful key for the Grade Band Lingo:

  • Pre-Primary = Preschool
  • Early Elementary = Kindergarten & First Grade
  • Lower Elementary = Second & Third Grade
  • Upper Elementary = Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Grade
  • Middle School = Seventh & Eighth Grade

Teacher Support

The Parent Guild organizes many ways to appreciate our teachers throughout the year. Past support has looked like providing lunch during teacher conferences, organizing teacher appreciation events and gifts, and donating gifts to classrooms that the whole class will enjoy.

Native Garden & Habitat

The Parent Guild is proud of helping FCMA maintain their Native Garden and Habitat!

The guidelines below are meant so all people, all species, including native fauna, can enjoy this peaceful environment throughout the year:

  • Please stay on the mulch path. The tree stumps may be moved around the path, but they should not be placed in the garden beds.
  • Please refrain from picking leaves, flowers, berries, etc. from the flora.  They are meant to feed native insects and birds.
  • There is a ceramic dish on the ground, called a butterfly muddle, which attracts butterflies. It will collect water and bits of soil for butterflies. Please refrain from emptying.
  • Accessing water from the rain barrel should only be done with an adult or with approval from an adult.

Maintaining this Native Garden and Habitat helps FCMA achieve Michigan Green School status.

Michigan Green School Certification

The FCMA Parent Guild helps FCMA with their Green School certification. Schools earn points in 4 categories to apply for certification:

  1. Reduce/Reuse/Recycle
  2. Energy
  3. Environmental Protection
  4. Miscellaneous

Field trips, classroom procedures, Endangered Species program, Native Garden and Habitat go towards MI Green School points.

Fundraising and Community building events

To help support our teachers and these programs, the Parent Guild facilitates several fundraising and community building events throughout the year. Visit our Event page to learn more about the types of events and how you could get involved!